Low Fire Techniques

Low Fire Oxidation

Fired to cone 04 and glazed to cone 06 in electric kilns, either mine or one at the Kirkland Arts Center. Clay bodies are either earthenware or terracotta. All functional pieces are food-safe. Microwave and dishwasher use are strongly discouraged. It is possible to overheat the low-fire glazes and shorten the life of the ware. Unless stated otherwise, decorative pieces are not intended for outdoor use. Outdoor use requires that the object be fired to a higher temperature.

Coral Garden, glazes and underglazes on stoneware Bentley, glazes and underglazes on stoneware Chinese Dragon, glazes on stoneware

Medium Fire Oxidation

Fired to Cone 6, about 2200 F, in my electric kilns. Clay bodies are either stoneware or porcelain. All functional pieces are food-safe, microwavable, and dishwasher-safe. Decorative pieces may be used outdoors in freezing weather as long as water is not allowed to collect in the piece. The expanding force of the freezing water may be strong enough to break it.

Fermintation Crock, O'Pearl and crackle glazes on stoneware Tea Cup, Golden Temoku on Dove porcelain Year of the Dragon, Faux Celadon on Dove Porcelain