About Us

Robert is the artist in the family. Robert was originally trained as an arithmetician. He always liked to dabble in art, but never felt he was very good at it. During a break between classes in college, he stumbled across the arts studio in the student's center and has been hooked on pottery ever since. Robert is also the chef in the family and is well-known by his friends to make and decorate a mouth-watering cheesecake.

We decided to call our business "Remolino Arts" in honor of Robert's grandparent's ranch, "El Remolino". Robert has many fond memories of summers spent there as a kid. Remolino is Spanish for whirlpool.

Robert enjoys participating in artisan's markets and sharing his love of clay. He currently volunteers as an art docent at Robert Frost Elementary. He has taught Clay Creations, a six week class for 7 to 10 years old, at the Kirkland Arts Center. Since 2015, he has been teaching a parent and child ceramic studio exploration at Kirkland Arts Center.


Kirkland Arts Center
Washington Clay Arts Association
Potters Council

Robert and his big head in the kiln